What Is An Ombudsman And What Does The Office Do?

The ombudsman is an impartial and independent dispute resolution mechanism that does not necessarily involve going to court. The ombudsman plays a critical role in ensuring that government and private institutions are held accountable. The range of ombudsman offices namely legal, financial, and energy indicate the wide range of topics with which the ombudsman can …
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What Is An Ombudsman And How Do They Help?

Ombudsman may be one of the strangest sounding professions in the country. Many people don’t know that they exist or what their job entails. However, they provide an extremely valuable service. A service that most American residents have benefited from even if they aren’t aware of it. The following article will take a closer look …
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Five Reasons You Should Contact An Ombudsman For Your Aging Parent

Before I used to think when a family has a problem or a complaint is the only time wherein we turn to a long-term care ombudsman. Typically, this is the type of call that an ombudsman answers to. Nonetheless, they also have an important role in educating the public and sharing information. Especially with how …
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Are Ombudsmen Obsolete In The US?

In 1967, approximately five state legislatures and even one territorial legislature established and have continued to employ a full-time ombudsman. The five states are Nebraska, Hawaii, Iowa, Alaska and Arizona and the territory of Puerto Rico which is owned by the United States. Other states have specific agencies that employ ombudsman as well. An ombudsman’s …
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